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Treatment Options
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New Patient Visit
Follow-Up Visits
At Four Seasons Chiropractic, PC, we take pride in providing our patients with quality health care services personalized for their unique needs. 

Initial Visit: One and one half hours which includes history, physical exam and treatment on that day unless the doctor believes that x-rays or other tests are necessary before treatment can be safely performed.   
Cost:  $200 or more if more time is required
Follow-up Visit: Generally 30 minutes with the doctor. Additional time ($25 for each 15 minutes)
Cost:  $65 and up 
Medicare:  If you have Medicare, you will pay us, and we will file all forms for you to be reimbursed.  There are several forms that are Medicare specific and require your signature acknowledging that you understand Medicare only pays for a certain number of visits, and a certain amount of every visit.  Medicare will mail you a check to reimburse you for chiropractic adjustments on the spine only.  Medicare does not pay for muscle work, acupuncture, nutritional supplements or examinations (even though they require them) performed by chiropractors. 
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Payment is expected at time of visit.  
We do not accept assignment. We are a fee-for-service provider.  

We accept:  Master Card, VISA, Discover, AMEX, Cash or Checks including HSA, FSA, MSA.

We will print you an itemized bill (unless you have Medicare, see above) which you may turn into your insurance company for direct reimbursement.  That amount will go toward your deductible for out-of network providers if you have not yet met your deductible.  We will be happy to assist you with other forms or provide a copy of your notes if your insurer requires notes before they will issue payment.  
Chiropractic care for acute and chronic conditions. There are several options for chiropractic care including Applied Kinesiology, Diversified, Activator, Low Force, Drop Table or a combination thereof.   You and the doctor will decide on the best treatment strategy for you, and make changes as necessary. 
Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) and Nutritional Services are offered in conjunction with chiropractic care to help your body heal faster.